Let's imagine: Go back home will activate the heating

Internet of Things in action

So many things have appeared since few years now, that we can imagine that everything will be possible in a more or less near future. During the last 15 years, a lot of innovations have come with impact on our lives, like for example MP3 player, hybrid and full electric cars, smartphones, to name but a few, that these accustomed us at a confort of living and time saving.

People have never stopped imagining things and making innovations, and this reality is becoming truest with the technology progress. In the good way of sciences, those innovations are helping people in theirs life and also the way that people are living together.
Currently, a very important word came in order to explain all of the innovations that already appears since years now: Internet of Things (IoT). Sure, this is the future. Or more exactly, the present that prepares the future. What is wonderful with this way of Innovation, is that this could be applied to anything (more or less).
Now, turn on or off a light through your smartphone is quite normal, reading an email on your TV or fridge as no surprise to anybody, and getting all your running session on your device because your shoes "are discussing" with it is almost considered as a standard feature.
I should take no risk saying that innovation like the one of BMW and SAP are making, will be common on all cars as a standard.
So many features and services are already existing, like able people starting their car by remote, or activating the home heating via internet. Furthermore, Toyota and Panasonic are working on a car that will automatically propose you this activation through the car's GPS.

But, why not going deeper? For example, why your fridge will not automatically do your weekly shop, or will not switch himself to the "Vacation" mode once your date of trip would be shared by your agenda.
I don't think about scheduling tasks. I think about interconnecting things between them only once, like associate the home destination activation as a event for sending an action to the heating control box.

Ok, some things will still under our own responsibility, like putting dishes in the dishwasher, or putting clothes in the washing-machine. And we will not talk about data connections that will be part of another topic.
But the future is a promising outcome, and all the brand new features and innovation could be considered as a starting point. Of course, the human decision and action should be always available because necessarily humans should keep the control.

Humans are moving, things should followed.

Steve @Acerole